Portable Bell Rig with Banger and Illuminati Accents | Sheldon Black

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Stunning glass dab rig from legendary American specialists, Sheldon Black. Bubbled, bell-shaped can with direct inject design and fixed inline diffuser. 14.5mm ground joint with glass oil banger and eye-catching UV illuminati accents.


  • American Borosilicate Glass

  • Inline Diffuser

  • Includes Glass Oil Banger

  • UV Illuminati Accents


American Pedigree

A pioneer of contemporary glass pipe design, Sheldon Black has created beautiful glass smoking pipes in Los Angeles for over 25 years. Their work includes bongs, bubblers, pipes, and now these superb quality dab rigs with glass oil bangers. Each piece is hand blown by master flameworkers at Sheldon Black HQ and finished with the famous signature decal that sets every one of these pieces apart.

Direct Inject

This stemless rig feeds vapour directly from the oil banger into the fixed inline diffuser. The diffuser breaks up the hit by creating a spectacular bubbling action which increases the surface area of the vapour, cooling and smoothing the smoke for a clean, satisfying toke. The standard 14.5mm female ground joint allows you to customise your piece by adding bowl slides, concentrate nails or adapters for other accessories.


This special edition of the Sheldon Black Bell Rig is decorated with glow-in-the-dark UV Illuminati accents. The diffuser, joint and mouthpiece all glow a luminous green in the dark. The piece also features the iconic Sheldon signature in white around the top of the can. A rare and unusual dab rig that is sure to appeal to connoisseur collectors of American glass.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Diffuser Slitted
Joint Angle 90 degrees +
Brand Sheldon Black
Width 71mm
Material Glass
Colour Clear, Yellow
Height 151mm
Mouthpiece Bent, Glass
Joint Female
Joint Size 14.5mm
Glass Thickness 5mm
Type Oil/Concentrate Rigs