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Piece Pipe

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Product Description


Piecepipe is precision made three piece smoking device for casual smokers. Each piece is highly lathed to a 0.02mm tolerance.

Pull the ring firmly until there is a solid click. This is the smoking mode.

Fire up your chosen blend and enjoy a cool smoke. Finish the bowl or close up quickly and save some for later.

Pull the ring again to reveal the stash chamber. Refill bowl and replace the cover.

To clean, pull the inner section out completely. Split this part in half and clean with match or tissue. For best results drop all parts in alcohol and rub with a cloth.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 72mm x 32mm
Weight Info 70g
Special Finish Etched
Brand Piece Pipe
Length 71mm
Material Brass, Metal
Logo Colour Etched
Colour Silver
Diameter 31mm
Mouthpiece Pinched, Straight
Style Novelty
Type Keychain, One Hitter