Phase Two Hammerhead Perc Cake Oil Rig | Hitman Glass

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Product Description


Styled with three tiers just like a classic wedding cake, this Hitman Glass oil rig is sure to sweeten your day. Featuring the advanced hammerhead percolator, this unique glass piece comes complete with a sidecar mouthpiece, 14.5mm male joint and matching 14.5mm female top-load vapour dome.


  • American Borosilicate Glass

  • 14.5mm Male Joint

  • 14.5mm Female Vapour Slide

  • Advanced Hammerhead Perc

  • Sidecar Mouthpiece

  • Nail not included

  • Choice of Black, Blue or Green Logo Design


Advanced Hammerhead Percolator

The team at Hitman Glass equip this dab rig with an advanced inline hammerhead percolator. Featuring 4 slits on each side of the hammerhead, this perc forces the vapour to separate into small particles and thus cool down in temperature. This diffusion process not only cools down the vapour for an improved dabbing experience but helps eliminate any nasty carcinogens from the user’s hit.

Sidecar Mouthpiece

Hitman Glass’ advanced hammerhead perc forces the water to bounce around and hit every corner of the chamber. Looking to stop this water from spilling out the mouthpiece, the Californian glassblowers equip the piece with a sidecar mouthpiece. This allows the user to continuously dab away without any worries of water splashback.

No Nail Included

Unfortunately, this one of a kind dab rig does not include a concentrate nail. Lucky for you EDIT-heads, we have an expansive array of dabbing nails in all forms and sizes. Browse our Dabbing section for high-quality quartz glass, ceramic and titanium concentrate nails today!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Hitman
Material Glass
Logo Colour Black, Blue, Green
Colour Clear
Height 161mm
Percolator Hammerhead
Mouthpiece Flared, Straight
Joint Male
Joint Size 14.5mm
Includes Vapour Dome
Type Oil/Concentrate Rigs, Sidecar