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The Pax 2 is the new, updated version of the best-selling Pax vaporizer.

The Pax 2 is 25% smaller than its predecessor and is 10% lighter for its ultra slim design.  Again, like the original model, The Pax 2 has a top quality aluminium shell, and is equipped with a 25% larger heating chamber or oven, allowing you to embark on extended vaping sessions.  The chamber is located at the bottom of the unit, and is accessed by flipping a magnetic chamber cover.

Power is provided by the Pax's 2 integrated lithium-ion battery. The improved battery charges from flat in around an hour, with a full charge giving you well over an hour's worth of vaping power - a definite improvement from the original model.

Pax have chosen four optimized temperature settings for the vape. You can cycle through the heat settings using the main power button located on the top of the mouthpiece.  The cool LED X lights up to show the heat status of the Pax 2 - yellow, orange, orange-red and red for the four temperature settings, purple when it is heating up to vaping temperature, while shaking the Pax 2 will display battery level status.

The Pax 2 is equipped with what the manufacturers call Lip Sensing Technology - essentially, for every 20 seconds the Pax 2 senses you are not drawing on the vape, it lowers the oven temperature by 9 degrees.  Then, once you put it to your mouth again, it quickly heats up to optimum vaping temperature.  This feature is intended to maximise freshness of flavour and minimise waste.

The Pax 2 comes packaged as a complete kit including everything you'll need to start vaping straight away, plus a bunch of spares and extras to help you get the most from the Pax 2.

Take peace of mind in the 10 year manufactures warranty which comes with every PAX 2 purchase.


  • 1 x PAX 2 Vaporizer
  • 2 x Interchangeable Top Pieces (1 Flat, 1 Raised)
  • 1 x Magnetic Oven Lid
  • 1 x Magnetic USB Charger
  • 1 x Bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 10 x Cleaner Tools 

Available in various colours - See dropdown menu for options.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand PAX
Material Acrylic, Metal
Power Battery
Compatibility Dry Herb
Adjustable Temperature Presets
Heating Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Inhalation Method Direct
Vaporization Method Convection
Colour Black, Blue, Red, Silver
Display LED
Mouthpiece Silicone
Type Portable