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No Goo Non Stick Vape Scrape Tool Dabber

The No Goo Vape Dabber is a purpose made tool designed to make vaporizing waxy oils and concentrates easier.  The slim tool will easily fit inside the vast majority of vaporizer pens allowing you to safely load the chamber with sticky oils without damaging heating elements or glass pathways.  The silicone tips are heat resistant up to 450 degrees and made from platinum cured food grade silicone.  

The tool is dishwasher safe, odourless and completely non toxic.  The perfect tool for vaporizing concentrates.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 10.5cm
Weight Info 12g
Brand No Goo
Concentrate Utensils Dabbing Tools
Length 101mm
Tip Style Double Ended, Scoop, Spatula
Material Metal, Silicone
Dabber Style Regular
Type Concentrate Utensils