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1-Scale Digital Kitchen Scale 5000g x 1.0g | My Weigh

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Product Description


The MyWeigh 1Scale is an extremely high quality contemporary digital kitchen scale. It features MyWeigh’s easy-clean dishwasher safe tempered glass top design. This extra thick safety glass resists chipping or scratching.

The MyWeigh 1Scale reads in both Metric(g) and Imperial(lb/oz) and offers USPS & compliant accuracy for mailing and shipping.

Additional Info:

The 1Scale has gone through a complete re-design for 2009 - and with some exciting new features too! Longstanding as a top selling contemporary kitchen scale, the 1Scale has improved upon many of its features: the redesign has made room for a unique Touch-Panel Glass Top Surface that is both anti-bacterial & attractive - you just place your finger over the 'Power' logo, and the scale operates from there!

Keep in mind, just like the old 1Scale model, it is one of the only scales with anti-bacterial protection for foods (a HUGE reason to have this one in your kitchen as opposed to other scales); it also features non-slip Rubberized feet helps to keep the scale in place when weighing & its low-profile height (0.7"tall) gives you plenty of room to weigh - you can also purchase a separate Weighing Bowl and/or Weighing Cup Set.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 9" x 6.5" x 0.7"
Weight Info 700g (packaged weight)
Brand My Weigh
Ranges 1.0-5500g
Length 161mm
Width 11mm
Material Glass
Power Batteries
Colour White
Display LCD
Height 221mm
Type Digital, Kitchen