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The Mini Nectar Collector Kit from the EDIT Collection is just what you need to hit your concentrate like a pro. With it’s water chamber and detachable neck, this little sweetie makes the vaping process easy as pie.

  • Detachable Neck

  • Water Chamber

  • Diffused Downstem

  • Titanium Tip

  • Glass Dish

  • EDIT Exclusive Collection

Detachable Neck

Detach the neck of your unit to put water in your chamber and then enjoy hours of seamless nectar collecting style concentrate consumption.

Glass Dish

You always want to ensure the area you are placing your concentrate on is clean, smooth, and sturdy. What better insurance is this glass dish?

EDIT Exclusive Collection

The team here at EDIT keeps you in mind as we design and produce our signature exclusive collection.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand EDIT Collection
Concentrate Utensils Concentrate Nails
Tip Style Poker
Material Glass, Titanium
Dabber Style Mini
Mouthpiece Straight
Includes Joint Clamps / Keck Clips
Type Nectar Collector