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Mini Beaker Oil Rig - Dr GreenThumb

Dr GreenThumb is the fictional alter-ego of legendary Cypress Hill frontman, B-Real; and it's B-Real himself behind this incredible range of American glass bongs, bubblers and oil rigs.

Made in the USA from top quality borosilicate glass, the Dr GreenThumb Mini Beaker Oil Rig stands just 12cm in height making it ideal for use as a travel or portable piece.

This rig features an integrated downstem percolator which breaks up smoke or oil vapour into smaller bubbles, increasing the surface area. This process rapidly cools the hit as well as eliminating some carcinogens and particulates from the mix.

The Mini Beaker Oil Rig comes complete with a 10mm quartz glass concentrate nail, meaning its ready for use with sticky oils and concentrates straight away.

Like the rest of the Dr GreenThumb Glass Works range, this stunning glass waterpipe is decorated with the distinctive Dr GreenThumb logo in a striking green colour scheme.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 5cm x 12cm
Weight Info 81g
Diffuser Holes, Slitted
Brand Dr Greenthumb
Material Glass
Logo Colour Green
Colour Clear, Green
Height 111mm
Diameter 21mm
Mouthpiece Straight
Joint Male
Joint Size 10mm
Includes Domeless Nail, Glass Nail
Glass Thickness 3mm
Style Beaker
Type Oil/Concentrate Rigs