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A straight tube bong with 8-arm tree percolator, diffused downstem, ice notches, splashguard and freezer friendly glycerine section for super-cool hits. Made by hand at Zob Glass HQ in California from the finest American borosilicate glass. Female 18.8mm ground joint with matching male bowl slide.


  • American Borosilicate Glass

  • 5mm Glass Wall Thickness

  • Freezable Glycerine Jacket

  • 8 Arm Tree Perc


American Made

All Zob Glass is proudly hand-made by expert team of flameworkers in Los Angeles. Zob only uses American borosilicate glass from leading brands like Schott and Simax to craft these incredible pipes. This straight ice bong has a wall thickness of 5mm for ultimate strength and heat resistance.

Cool Conditioning

Standing 15 inches in height on a thick circular base, this tube has plenty of capacity for monster hits. Smoke is filtered first by the diffused downstem which breaks up smoke and removes impurities and particulates. Next, the smoke travels into the percolation chamber where the 8-arm tree perc again breaks up the smoke by increasing the surface area and cooling things down. The perc chamber is encased by a glycerine jacket which can be placed in your home freezer. The glycerine doesn’t freeze – it simply remains extremely cold for extended periods, allowing you to condition your hits with a final frosty blast. Zob also equips this piece with ice notches, allowing you to chill the action further by dropping a few ice cubes into the tube. Sub-Zero toking!

Inimitable Zob Styling

This bong has an 18.8mm female ground joint which houses the slit diffuser downstem and 18.8mm male bowl slide. The stem bears the Zob name sand-blasted on the side, while the glycerine section features a vivid Zob decal and their faux-Latin slogan: Instrumentum Percolatus. This beautiful American glass waterpipe is available with your choice of blue or red accents.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions H: 15 Inch W: 5 Inch
Weight Info 1332g approx. 47oz
Diffuser Slitted
Brand Zob Glass
Material Glass
Logo Colour Blue, Red
Height 381mm
Special Features Ice Notches, Splash Guard
Percolator Tree Percolator
Joint Female
Joint Size 18.8mm
Style Straight / Tube
Type Bongs