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Micro Straight Tube Barrel Perc White | Roor Tech

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Product Description


Get straight to business with the Micro Straight Tube Barrel Perc rig from Roor Tech. Starting at the bottom the piece features a flared base for stability, fixed diffused downstem, barrel chamber perc, splash guard, and Roor Tech logo. Fortified with 5mm borosilicate glass, what else would you expect from Roor Tech?


  • Barrel Chamber Percolator

  • 14.5mm Male Ground Joint

  • 14.5mm Female Domeless Quartz Nail

  • Fixed Downstem Diffuser

  • Splash Guard

  • White Roor Tech Logo


Barrel Chamber Percolator

Looking to produce the finest, freshest hit possible, Roor Tech equips this glass dab rig with a simple but effective barrel chamber percolator. The fixed perc forces the vapour to break up and increase in surface area. Cooling down the vapour significantly, the occurring diffusion also helps remove any unwanted carcinogens from the hit.

Splash Guard

As the effective barrel percolator sits quite high up the tube, it’s important to make sure that the water that bounces around the chamber does not escape the mouthpiece. Roor Tech Inserts the dab rig with a splash guard in between the percolator and mouthpiece. This stops all water from leaving the mouthpiece and ensures that the user can happily enjoy their glass piece without any threat of water splashback.

Quartz Nail

Roor Tech adds a domeless concentrate nail to the piece for a superior dabbing experience. Made from top quality quartz glass, this nail possesses great durability and can withstand a great deal of heat. Another benefit of the hugely popular nail choice is that it takes the least amount of time to heat up when compared to other nail materials.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 279mm x 89mm approx. 11" x 3.5"
Weight Info 400g approx. 14oz
Brand Roor Tech
Width 81mm
Material Glass
Logo Colour White
Height 271mm
Special Features Splash Guard
Percolator Barrel
Mouthpiece Straight
Joint Female
Joint Size 14.5mm
Includes Domeless Nail, Quartz Nail
Glass Thickness 5mm
Style Straight / Tube
Type Oil/Concentrate Rigs