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Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Vaporizer

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Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Vaporizer

Magic Flight shook up the whole vaping scene when they released their much-loved Launch Box vaporizer.  Now they're back with the Muad-Dib; a specially designed concentrate vaporizer with the same iconic styling as the Launch Box.

Powered by rechargeable 'Glyph' batteries, the Muad-Dib from Magic Flight reaches a vaporization temperature of 480°C in just three seconds; no more long heat-up times.  No more jet lighters. Enjoy instant vaping pleasure right when you need it.  The Glyph batteries carry enough power from a single charge to vaporize approximately 50 dabs - ideal for taking out and about on your travels.

The Muad-Dib comes packaged as a complete kit including everything you need to begin vaporizing waxes, oils and honeys straight away.  The kit also includes an inhalation whip or hose, allowing you to take much cooler hits from your Magic Flight vaporizer.

The Magic Flight Muad-Dib is available in your choice of either Maple or Walnut finish.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 9.5cm x 24cm x 4.8cm Box
Weight Info 364g Box
Brand Magic Flight
Material Maple, Walnut, Wood
Power Battery
Spare / Replacement Vaporizer Parts Batteries, Gauzes / Screens, Whips / Hoses
Compatibility Oil, Shatter, Wax
Adjustable Temperature One Preset
Heating Chamber Material Glass
Inhalation Method Hose / Whip
Vaporization Method Conduction
Colour Black, Brown
Display None
Mouthpiece Glass
Type Portable