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Take a stroll down memory lane to the 1960s… or at least nostalgia lane to your college dorm room. At just 7 inches tall, this lava lamp shaped dab rig has everything you need to get groovy. A fixed downstem makes for dizzying diffusion, and the included quartz banger is perfect for dabbing the day away.

  • 14mm Male Ground Joint

  • 14mm Female Quartz Banger Included

  • 3.5mm Thick Glass

  • Available in Blue or White 

Batteries Included

Just kidding! No batteries are needed for this beauty, but all accessories ARE included. Break out the quartz banger for low temp and high taste dabs all night long.

That’s Hot

Since the early 60s, lava lamps have been the novelty item icon for a whole generation of smokers. Nothing says relaxed like a lava lamp and a handful of dried herbal mixture. Now you can combine the two.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 178mm x 76mm approx. 7" x 3"
Weight Info 196g approx. 6.90oz
Special Finish Coloured Sections
Diffuser Slitted
Brand EDIT Collection
Width 71mm
Material Glass
Colour Blue, White
Height 171mm
Mouthpiece Straight
Joint Male
Joint Size 14.5mm
Glass Thickness 3.2mm
Style Novelty
Type Oil/Concentrate Rigs