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Product Description


Puff away your problems with the Klein Chubster Bubbler with Slitted Diffuser from Roor Tech. Made specifically for concentrates, this top quality dab rig features a fixed downstem diffuser and comes complete with a 14.5mm Female Domeless Quartz Nail to fit the 14.5mm Male ground joint.


  • Fixed Slitted Downstem Diffuser

  • Bent-neck Mouthpiece

  • 14.5mm Male Joint

  • 14.5mm Female Domeless Quartz Nail

  • Rasta Design Roor Tech Logo


Fixed Downstem Diffuser

Roor Tech equips this glass bubbler with a fixed multi-slit downstem diffuser that runs from the joint to the base of the large chamber. This simple but effective diffuser forces the vapour to diffuse amongst the water during a chaotic bubbling action that takes place when the user inhales. Increasing the surface area of the vapour, the eventual outcome is a wonderfully cool and smooth dab hit.

Bent-neck Mouthpiece

The skilled glassblowers from Roor Tech include a large bent-neck mouthpiece in the dab rig. Equipped in an effort to make the glass piece more user-friendly, this feature helps to eliminate the chance of water escaping through the mouthpiece. Now the user can continuously use the bubbler without any worries of nasty water splashback.

Quartz Glass

The domeless concentrate nail included in the piece is made out of top quality quartz glass. Roor Tech chooses to include quartz glass because the material possesses great durability and can withstand large amounts of heat.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 203mm x 76mm approx. 9" x 3"
Weight Info 290g approx. 10oz
Diffuser Slitted
Brand Roor Tech
Material Glass
Logo Colour Rasta
Colour Clear
Mouthpiece Bent, Flared
Joint Male
Joint Size 14.5mm
Includes Domeless Nail, Quartz Nail
Glass Thickness 5mm
Style Bubbled
Type Bubblers