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Killer Grinder

Having created one of the best and coolest acrylic bong ranges on the market, Killer Bongs have turned their attention to the world of herb grinders.

The grinder comes as a ordinary 2 part grinder or a 4 part sifter grinder. The 4 part grinder comes with holes in the second part enabling the ground herb to fall into the chamber below. The third part collects the ground herb and is meshed, allowing the looser and better quality plant material to fall through the mesh into the collecting plate below (the 4th part).

This Killer Grinder is black and is adorned with the renowned Killer logo above the eye-catching image of an assault rifle. 

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 4cm x 5cm
Weight Info 100g
Brand Killer Bongs
Material Aluminium, Metal
Teeth Diamond
Colour Black, Red
Height 31mm , 41mm
Diameter 31mm , 36mm
Parts 4-Part
Extra PTFE Ring
Type Classic, Magnetic, Sifter / Crystal Catcher