Sci Glass Beaker Oil Rig with Gridded Inline and Cross Perc | JM Flow

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JM Flow Sci Glass - Beaker Oil Rig with Gridded Inline and Cross Perc

Yet again the inventive team at JM Flow Sci Glass show that even though the brand is relatively new, they are highly experienced in creating glasswork to the highest standard possible.

Standing at only 22cms in height, this clear glass bong comes with two well designed percolators. The gridded inline perc and the signature cross percolator work together to significantly filter the vapour through the water. The sublime result of this is a marvellously cool and smooth hit free of nasty carcinogens.

Purposely built for the use of oil and wax concentrates, this beaker style glass piece comes complete with a male 14.5mm joint size and finally a side cut vapour dome. Please note no nail is included.
To finish of the clear and refined design, JM Flow Sci Glass nicely complement the clear glass oil rig with their soon to be infamous logo printed on the straight mouthpiece.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 22cm x 10cm
Weight Info 472g
Brand JM Flow Sci Glass
Material Glass
Logo Colour Clear
Colour Clear
Height 211mm
Special Features Stemless
Percolator Cross, Inline, Multiple Percolators
Mouthpiece Straight
Joint Male
Joint Size 14.5mm
Includes Vapour Dome
Style Beaker
Type Oil/Concentrate Rigs