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Inline Diffuser Bubbler | Mathematix Glass

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Product Description


This handy inline diffuser bubbler by Mathematix Glass comes equipped with a female 14.5mm joint size. Using the inline diffuser technology usually seen on bigger rigs, this petite bubbler offers the user an improved hit which is well filtered and cooled.

  • Inline Slit Diffuser

  • Female 14.5mm Joint Size

  • Bent Mouthpiece

  • 3mm Thick Glass


Inline Slit Diffuser

Equipped with a 3 slit inline diffuser, this bubbler water pipe will produce constantly smooth and cool hits for the user. Using the bubbling method, the smoke increases in surface area to then be filtered more efficiently. This process also helps remove any nasty carcinogens from the hit.


Bent Mouthpiece

The featured bent mouthpiece helps reduce the chance of water escaping from the mouthpiece.

Simply, no more unpleasant splashback when in use!


Removable Bowl Slide

As the male 14.5mm bowl slide is removable, this allows the user to easily insert their own vapour dome and nail.This hand-held bubbler is easily converted to a dab rig for which you can use your chosen concentrates.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture United States
Weight Info 12 oz
Diffuser Slitted
Brand Mathematix
Length 131mm
Material Glass
Logo Colour Black, Blue
Colour Clear
Percolator Inline
Mouthpiece Glass
Joint Female
Joint Size 14.5mm
Glass Thickness 3mm
Type Bubblers