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Incredibowl i420

The Incredibowl Pipe is the product of countless hours of design, testing, research and development.

Featuring a borosilicate glass bowl so you only taste what you are smoking rather what you are smoking out of, the creators of the Incredibowl smoking pipe designed BowlArmor TM technology so it could withstand a serious impact. Also made with 6061 aluminium and state-of-the-art computer aided design, the Incredibowl bong designers perfected the airflow with the Annular Purge Carb TM and the Smoke Injection Nozzle. For the Expansion Chamber - the clear tube through which you inhale the smoke - Incredibowl Industries utilized shatterproof polycarbonate which is also used in bullet proof windows.

After over a year and half of dedicated design and development, the Incredibowl pipe creators completed the Incredibowl i420 edition. The brand new Incredibowl i420 is easy to smoke, easy to clean, easy on your lungs and very hard to break.

Note: Available in a Blue, Black, Red, Green, Purple. See dropdown for info.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 22cm (fully extended)
Weight Info 250g
Brand Incredibowl
Length 211mm
Material Acrylic, Aluminium, Metal
Logo Colour Clear, Etched
Colour Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Purple, Red
Mouthpiece Straight
Type Shotgun / Sidewinder