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Honey Supply - Inline Perc Mug Oil Rig

Hailing from Los Angeles, recent newcomers Honey Supply have yet again crafted a highly functional but unusually designed glass piece that is sure to be desired by all dabbing enthusiasts. Not only is the piece great for dabbing, it can also be used to drink out of!

Standing at a petite 13cms in height, this wacky clear oil rig comes equipped with a 7 slit inline percolator that forces the vapour to interact with the water. This interaction increase the vapour's surface area so it can cool and leave the user with a pleasantly smooth hit.

To be used only with oil and wax concentrates, The mug-shaped oil rig comes with a 14.5mm male joint and a 14.5mm female vapour joint. Please note no nail is included with the piece.

Fantastically designed, the team at Honey Supply even includes a mug handle so you can quench your thirst with the simplest of ease. The design is then complemented with the usual honey bees decals covering various parts of the piece including the exquisite Honey Supply logo.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Diffuser Slitted
Brand Honey Supply
Material Glass
Logo Colour Gold
Colour Clear, Gold
Height 121mm
Special Features Stemless
Percolator Inline
Mouthpiece Pinched
Joint Male
Joint Size 14.5mm
Includes Vapour Dome
Style Novelty
Type Oil/Concentrate Rigs