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Hive Ceramic Carb Cap With Stinger | HIVE Ceramics

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Product Description


Hive Ceramic Universal Carb Cap With Stinger

This Ceramic Carb Cap with Stinger from HIVE is made to a superb standard from Hive Ceramics' medical grade ceramic material.

The ceramic used by Hive to construct these nails and dabbing accessories are designed to retain heat exceptionally well. Crucially, the ceramic is also completely inert, meaning that your dabs will not be contaminated by anything coming from the nail or carb cap.

Using a carb cap means that you can vaporize at lower heat levels than usual - this means more vapour and of course, more flavour.   The Hive Carb Cap with Stinger has twin air vents that allow the user to create suction over the top of the dabbing surface which creates a closed system - this is the key to dabbing at a lower temperature.  

The Ceramic Carb Cap with Stinger from Hive Ceramics is 78mm long and features a flared carb cap with a 31mm diameter - the carb cap is suitable for use with vapour domes as well as domeless concentrate nails.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 5cm x 12cm x 3.5cm
Weight Info 36g
Brand Hive Ceramics
Concentrate Utensils Concentrate Nails
Material Ceramic
Nail Style Carb Cap / Stinger
Colour Clear
Height 71mm