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The Highscore Convertible Straight Tube Bong is no one-trick pony. With a slide bowl and a concentrate nail, it’s ready for anything right out of the box. Dry herb? Done. Dab time? Let’s do it. Clean colored glass makes up the neck of the bong, and the base and perc are color coordinated as well. Two perfectly paired percolators make for silky smooth hits every time.


  • 12 ½ Inch Height

  • 14mm Male Ground Joint

  • Glass Concentrate Nail

  • 14mm Female Vapor Dome

  • 14mm Female Slide Bowl

  • Disc and Swiss Cheese Percs

  • Colored Accents on Base and Lip

  • Red Weed Star Logo


Double Diffusion

Get extra cooling with two percolators instead of one. This unique design pulls smoke through the body, down through the disc perc, and then up through the Swiss cheese perc. Just wait until you see it in action!


Boldly Branded

As usual, Weed Star is proud of their pieces – and it shows. On top of the opaque glass that makes up the neck tube, you’ll find a bright red “WS” logo – just in case you forgot who made it.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions H: 12.5 Inches (317mm)
Brand Weed Star
Material Glass
Colour Black, White
Mouthpiece Straight
Joint Male
Joint Size 14.5mm
Style Straight / Tube
Type Bongs