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Flux Nail 18mm | Highly Educated


The Flux Nail in 18mm by Highly Educated is a wonder nail of titanium grade proportions. As a fixed non-adjustable dab nail, you can inject that sweet vapor directly into the glass for unmatched taste.


  • Fixed Non-Adjustable

  • Large Cup Head

  • Pillared Midsection

  • Hollowed Out Bottom Cylinder

  • Polished and Easy to Clean

  • Titanium Construction

  • Made in the USA


Fixed Non-Adjustable

The hollow shaft injects the vapor directly into the glass body of your rig instead of having it pass over the glass. Waste not, want not!

Titanium Construction

The durable construction of this dab nail is sturdy and trustworthy. You won’t even look at your other dab nails. Write the Dear John break up letters to your other nails now.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Concentrate Utensils Concentrate Nails
Material GR.2 Titanium, Titanium
Nail Style Domeless