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Product Description


The Haze Dual Bowl Portable Vaporizer V3.0 from Haze is a grand slam hitting all in one portable personal vaporizer. Includes screens and ovens for both convection or conduction of dry herbs or any concentrate.


  • 4 Temperature Settings
  • 10 Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty
  • 18650 2600 mAh Lithium Ion Battery (x2)
  • 60-90 Second Heat Up Time
  • Convection and Conduction Screens
  • Dry Herb and Concentrate Cans
  • Dual Bowls/Ovens
  • Glass and Stainless Steel Interchangeable Mouthpieces
  • LED Display
  • Proprietary Charging Dock
  • Variety of Colors Available (See Dropdown)


Lithium Ion Battery


Removable and replaceable, you receive two batteries with this kit. The battery door locks, so you never have to worry about awkward slip outs again. Includes proprietary charging kit.


Dry Herb and Concentrate Cans


This double duty personal and portable vaporizer can roast up your dry herb or vaporize your concentrate of choice perfectly. Whatever your preference, this unit will get the job done.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Haze
Power Batteries
E-Cig Batteries Lithium-Ion
Compatibility Dry Herb, Oil, Shatter, Wax
Vaporization Method Conduction, Convection
Colour Black, Blue, Green, Purple
Display LED
Mouthpiece Glass
Type Pen, Portable