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Grav Labs - Sprocket Tree Perc with Disc Mouthpiece White - Grav Gold Collection

This bubbler from the Grav Labs Gold range is made from hi tech borosilicate glass and offers top of the range filtration. The stylish pinched mouth piece which measures at 75mm is a hollow disc and also acts as a splash guard.

It is another Grav Labs masterpiece which features an innovative tree percolator system situated at the base of the bong. This system breaks up smoke into finer particles, increasing the surface area of the smoke. The smoke then works it way to the sprocket percolator that repeats this action which translates to a superior smoking experience.

The sprocket percolator also agitates the water inside, causing a spectacular bubbling action that rapidly cools and smooths the smoke and delivers a clean, cool hit every time.

Like all the Grav Labs Gold Collection you know you are getting a stylish piece as well as performance. This piece is going to be a hit with the smoking aficionado grab yours from the EDIT site today while stocks last!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 9cm x 21,5cm
Weight Info 539g
Brand Grav Labs
Material Glass
Logo Colour Gold
Colour Clear, White
Special Features Splash Guard
Percolator Disc, Frit, Tree Percolator
Mouthpiece Bent, Pinched
Joint Female
Joint Size 14.5mm
Type Bongs, Bubblers