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Grav Labs - Nano Honeycomb Perc Oil Rig with Black Accents

The Grav labs team have yet again released a glass oil rig with a high standard of excellence. This nano oil rig exhibits the great qualities that we at EDIT have come accustomed to from the Austin-based glassblowers.

Standing at 21cms in height, this glass piece is equipped with a honeycomb disc percolator that acts to break up the vapour by making the surface area of the particles larger. Not only does it give you a cooler and purer hit but looks great in the process.

Grav Labs complete the sturdy percolator oil rig with a male 10mm joint size, 10mm quartz nail and vapour dome. This allows the user to begin dabbing their chosen oil and wax concentrates immediately.

The glassblowing design team then decorate the exquisite piece with black accents on various parts of the glass oil rig. This is then complemented with the distinguished Grav Labs logo on the mouthpiece and vapour dome.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 9,5cm x 21cm
Weight Info 243g
Brand Grav Labs
Length 81mm
Material Glass
Logo Colour Black
Colour Black
Height 201mm
Percolator Honeycomb
Mouthpiece Flared
Joint Male
Joint Size 10mm
Includes Quartz Nail, Vapour Dome
Type Oil/Concentrate Rigs