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Grav Labs - Boro Pen Set

Grav Labs have done it again with Boro Vapor Pen Set. Always striving to stretch the boundaries, they bring us the first ever all glass vapour pen. 

Constructed entirely from borosilicate glass and chrome this beautifully crafted vapour pen is the first of its kind, even the battery case is glass! Designed for use with your favourite oils and concentrates the Boro will provide thick flavoursome clouds and trouble free performance where and whenever you need it.

The Boro Pen includes three spare coils, cleaning spoon and usb charger all packaged in a sleek protective case to ensure a long and pleasurable service life.


- Glass (Wax) Mouthpiece

- Round Battery

- Glass Battery Casing

- 3 coils

- Cleaning Spoon

- USB Adaptor


Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Grav Labs
Material Glass
Power Battery
Compatibility Oil, Wax
Adjustable Temperature Fixed
Heating Chamber Material Glass
Inhalation Method Direct
Vaporization Method Conduction
Colour Black
Display None
Mouthpiece Glass
Type Vaporizer Pens