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Consider the GR8TR Solid Body Grinder from Kannastor your new best friend. The extra-large storage capacity and wonderful removable screen feature are hardcore enough to grind down your most stubborn dry herbal blend.

  • Food Grade 60/61 Aluminum

  • Low Friction Rings On Sidewalls

  • Magnetic Closure

  • Deep Chamber

  • Grater Plates for Dry or Vape Grind

  • Extraction Chamber

  • Microteeth and Dish Press Design

Low Friction Rings On Sidewalls

The low friction sidewalls allow for easy and smooth grindage each time. No matter how hard you twist or turn, you won’t be getting any squeaks out of this tool. Just perfectly ground product each time.

Grater Plates

These grater plates switch out, allowing you the choice to grind a little or a lot. Depending on what kind of bowl you want to load, these versatile pieces are a dream to the smoking connoisseur.

Microteeth and Dish Press Design

Less physical effort and a deep dish catch all spills before they even happen. This dream grinder is too legit to quit.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 76mm x 51mm x 51mm approx. 3" x 2" x 2"
Weight Info 208g approx. 7.35oz
Brand Kannastor
Length 51mm
Width 51mm
Teeth Diametrically Cut
Colour Black, Silver
Height 71mm
Type Magnetic, Sifter / Crystal Catcher