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Product Description


Premium quality herb grinder and sifter jar from our friends at Kannastor. This advanced multi-compartment grinder includes interchangeable grinding plates to change the consistency of the grounds, and an easy change sifter screen.


  • Grinder / Sifter / Storage

  • Proprietary MTP Technology

  • Interchangeable Grind Plates

  • Easy Change Screen


Micro-Teeth & MTP Technology

The proprietary Micro-Teeth and Dish Press (MTP) design results in effortless grinding. The Dish Press increases torque, allowing users with restricted hand and wrist movement to grind away easily. This is great for users with medical conditions and less physical strength.

Interchangeable Grind Plates

Kannastor includes a number of interchangeable plates that suit different preferences. These patent pending plates help you customise the consistency of your grounds. It doesn’t matter if you're grinding your material to smoke or to use in a vaporizer, the GR8TR has you covered with the perfect grind plate.

Easy Change Screen

Focusing on creating the most advanced, versatile herb grinder, Kannastor has also incorporated an easy change screen into the GR8TR. This design allows the user to easily remove the sifter screen and replace if with one of the four mesh styles available. Simply, this means the user can again customise the grinder to suit their personal preference.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Kannastor
Material Aluminium
Teeth Diamond
Colour Black, Silver
Parts 6-Part
Type Sifter / Crystal Catcher