Glass Spoon Pipe with Swirls and Front Marble Details

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Product Description


Glass Spoon Pipe with Swirls and Front Marble Details


The glass spoon pipe with swirls and front marble details is out of this world and portable too. Three mini marble knobs on the front make this pipe easy to handle and hold.


  • 5 Inches Long

  • Carb on Left Hand Side

  • Marble Detailing

  • Deep Bowl

  • Portable

  • Available in Different Colors (See Dropdown)


Carb on Left Hand Side


The carb on a hand pipe allows you to hold a hit inside and allow it to escape through the mouthpiece with your own timing. Also allows for easy cleaning of the hard to reach under bowl areas when the time comes for maintenance.




These small 5 inch pipes can be easily stowed for ultimate portability. Let the mystical colors take you out of your realm.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Unbranded
Length 101mm
Material Glass
Colour Multi Coloured
Extra carb hole
Type Spoon