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Product Description


Genie Portable Vaporizer

The Genie is a compact, portable vaporizer designed for the vapour connoisseur who enjoys the flavours of dried herbal blends.

The Genie is a fairly simple design - pop your herbal aromatherapy blends into the chamber, screw on the detachable mouthpiece and activate the unit.

The Genie will heat up to a perfect 'sweet-spot' temperature, just below combustion to extract all the flavours and active ingredients from your herbs.  The vapour inhaled from this process is clean, smooth and bursting with flavour, yet free from particulates and carcinogens meaning it's much healthier than smoking.

A great portable vap at a great EDIT price.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 9.5cm x 14cm x 6cm
Weight Info 384g
Brand Genie
Width 91mm
Power Battery
Compatibility Dry Herb
Adjustable Temperature Presets
Heating Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Inhalation Method Direct
Vaporization Method Convection
Colour Blue
Height 131mm
Mouthpiece Acrylic
Type Portable