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GEAR - Bell Diffuser Perc Concentrate Bubbler Limited Edition

This limited edition bubbler from GEAR is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass for heat resistance and durability.  Built specifically for use with oils, waxes and concentrates, the bubbler comes equipped with a borosilicate glass dabbing nail and a glass-on-glass vapour dome with a 14.5mm female connection.

The bubbler features a percolator inside the main chamber which breaks up the smoke, increasing the surface area.  This rapidly cools the smoke and makes it much smoother and easier to hit.  Additionally, the Bell Diffuser Bubbler from GEAR has a second, smaller chamber.  As you hit the pipe, water and smoke are drawn up towards the mouthpiece.  The water cools the smoke further, and is then dumped back into the main chamber in a cool recycling style action.  

Only 420 of these bubblers will ever be made - each is individually numbered in stylish gold lettering, and comes complete with a quality hemp dime bag featuring the GEAR limited edition logo.

A superb quality bubbler from GEAR at a great value EDIT price.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 22cm x 18cm x 8cm Pack
Weight Info 401g Pack
Diffuser Showerhead
Brand GEAR
Material Glass
Logo Colour Black
Colour Clear
Height 171mm
Special Features Splash Guard
Percolator Inline
Mouthpiece Bent, Pinched
Joint Male
Joint Size 14.5mm
Includes Glass Nail, Vapour Dome
Glass Thickness 5mm
Type Bubblers, Oil/Concentrate Rigs