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When you need to clean your bong, and it can be one hell of a job sometimes, use this G-Spot Rubber Stopper to block the joint so you can fill the bong with water and cleaning fluid without spilling it everywhere and making more of a mess than you started with.

They come in three sizes, 18.8mm and 14.5mm for all the three-part bongs, and a slightly smaller, tighter Carb-Stopper that perfectly plugs the carb (rush) hole in a two-piece bong.

So simple, yet so effective. Sold in packs of 5

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 18.8 or 14.5 or Carb-Hole Sized
Weight Info 5g - 7g - 10g
Brand G-Spot
Material Rubber
Colour Red
Cleaning Products Carb Stoppers / Bungs
Joint Size 14.5mm, 18.8mm
Type Utility