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G-Spot - Glass Diffusor Rings

These glass diffusor rings from G-Spot are a very effective way to get cool, smooth hits from your favourite bong without using a percolator or pre-cooler.

Simply fill your bong's chamber with the diffusor rings.  This will break up the smoke, increasing the surface area and making the hit smoother and cooler.  The rings will also collect tar and other particualtes over time which can be easily disposed of by rinsing the rings in a cleaning solution every now and again.

The glass diffusor rings from G-Spot are available in two different sizes: 6mm - which are ideal for straight cylinder bongs or water pipes with ice notches.  The 10mm rings are more suited to bongs with larger chambers, such as beaker-style pipes or bongs with no ice notches.  Please see dropdown menu to ensure you select the right size diffusor rings for your water pipe.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 6cm x 6cm x 14cm Pack
Weight Info 230g Approx
Brand G-Spot
Width 0mm
Material Glass
Colour Clear
Percolator Ring