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Four Piece Titanium Grinder | Space Case

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Space Case Grinder/sifters are easily the best we have ever seen and they just got even better again with these TITANIUM versions. These brand new creations are made with a titanium alloy which makes them non-stick and keeps the teeth almost razor sharp to desecrate even the toughest, moistest herbs.

The alloy also gives this Titanium Space Case a unique colouration, probably most akin to Gunmetal, which again sets it far apart from wannabe rivals and rip-offs. There really is no comparison with anything else in the market in terms of quality, efficiency and high performance.

As you grind your herb up, the finely ground herb falls through the grate at the bottom. Over time, more and more will collect in the compartment at the bottom of the grinder. When you have enough, you can use a Presser to compress it.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions See abovespace_case_pollenator_grinder.html
Weight Info See above
Brand Space Case
Material Metal, Titanium
Teeth Diamond
Colour Black
Height 41mm , 61mm
Diameter 36mm , 46mm
Parts 4-Part
Extra PTFE Ring
Type Magnetic, Sifter / Crystal Catcher