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Product Description


The Flush Recycler Slitted Inline Rock Candy Perc from Roor Tech is another great example of German design and American craftsmanship. The stemless recycler design continuously filters and cools the vapour, so you get an even cooler hit. The ingenious dab rig features an eight slit inline perc with “rock candy” details, a female domeless quartz nail, and matching 14.5mm male ground joint.


  • Stemless Recycler Design

  • Eight Slit Inline Rock Candy Perc

  • 14.5mm Male Ground Joint

  • 14.5mm Female Domeless Quartz Nail

  • Rasta Coloured Roor Tech Logo


Recycler Function

Looking to offer their loyal customer base the smoothest dab hits available on the market,  Roor Tech includes the effective recycler design function. The bubbles created by the percolator transfers the vapour into the second chamber, where the vapour separates and leaves the mouthpiece. The water is then recycled back into the bottom chamber where the whole process repeats itself.

8 Slit Inline Rock Candy Perc

The fixed eight slit inline percolator comes decorated with colorful ‘rock candy’ embellishments - which not only looks stunning but enables the vapour to aerate more successfully. The added perc forces the vapour to increase in surface amongst the bubbles created. This causes the temperature of the vapour to decrease and delivers the user with a more refreshing hit.

Domeless Quartz Glass Nail

The domeless concentrate nail included by Roor Tech is made out of top quality quartz glass. The expert flameworkers choose quartz glass as their nail material because it possesses great durability, can withstand large amounts of heat and has the quickest heat-up time compared to its fellow dab nail materials.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 305mm x 100mm approx 12"x 4.25"
Weight Info 535g approx. 19oz
Brand Roor Tech
Width 101mm
Logo Colour Rasta
Colour Clear
Height 301mm
Special Features Recycler, Stemless
Percolator Inline
Mouthpiece Bent, Pinched
Joint Male
Includes Domeless Nail, Quartz Nail
Glass Thickness 5mm
Style Bubbled
Type Oil/Concentrate Rigs