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Product Description


This Purr Glass smokey rolling tip is simply a must have accessory. Made from pure pyrex and using a 3 pinch design, this re-usable, multi-functional glass accessory can be used as a rolling tip or even as a one-hitter pipe.

  • Hand Crafted From Quality Glass

  • Three Pinch Design

  • Multi-functional Design

  • Re-Useable

  • Choice of Black or Clear


Multi-functional Design

This multi-functional glass accessory betters any other glass tip available on the market. Not only can it be used as a rolling tip, this ingeniously designed piece can be used solely as a tiny one-hitter pipe. To use, simply push your chosen dry herbs into the end of the glass piece and light up. The 3 pinch design will help stop any material from reaching your mouth.


Forever reusable, this magnificent smoking accessory can be simply cleaned with alcohol and soapy water and reused.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand PURR Glass
Length 21mm
Material Glass
Colour Black, Clear
Type Glass Tips