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The revolutionary Portable E-Rig by Dabezee allows you to enjoy essential oils while on the move. Powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery, the E-Rig kit comes complete with a domeless titanium dab nail, borosilicate glass attachment, USB charger, and a carb cap that doubles as a dabber.

  • Portable E-Rig

  • Rapid Heat Up Time

  • Titanium Nail

  • Glass Water Attachment

  • Carb Cap/Dabbing Tool


E-Rig Use

Taking up to 30 seconds to heat up to the correct temperature, the indicator light will flash green when the E-Rig is ready to use. As you inhale through the mouthpiece, the vapour will work its way through the borosilicate glass attachment. The result is a significantly smooth, clean hit for the user.

Titanium Nail

Made from high-quality titanium, this highly durable concentrate nail has great heat retention and will never break no matter how much you misuse it.

Carb Cap/Dabbing Tool

The stainless steel carb cap helps you vaporize your essential oils at great lower temperatures. It’s at these low temperatures, where the user will receive intensely flavourful hits. Ingeniously, the carb cap also doubles as a dabbing tool to you help you transfer your sticky concentrates.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Nail Style Domeless
Power Battery
Compatibility Oil
Attachment Compatibility Water Attachments
Mouthpiece Glass
Includes Titanium Nail
Type E-Rig