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Zen papers are a line of clean, reliable and easy to roll papers. Rolling papers are a fixture of the UK herb scene. Every herb fan has had an encounter with a hand-rolled joint and in many cases it was probably their first ever herb smoking experience! Rolling joints is one of the key rituals of the herb scene, it is a task that sooner or later everyone will try. So with this in mind it makes sense to buy the highest quality paper you can, that’s where Zen comes in. Zen papers are a joy to roll with, you won't have to face the lack of stickiness to seal your papers and fragile, easy to tear consistency you can find with cheaper papers.

Zen is a philosophy of beauty in simplicity, and what can be more beautifully simple than a little rectangle of paper? Zen as a rolling paper company have dedicated themselves to mastering the simple form of the rolling paper. Their papers will ensure that  you’ll get a consistent, clean roll every time without having to resort to patching up torn papers or starting over.

With this in mind Zen offer 50 packs of high quality, premium rolling papers including their single wide double feed rolling papers, and regular papers sealed with plant-based arabic gum.

Zen’s range of papers are made of the finest hemp which is unbleached and untreated with formaldehyde or any other toxins usually found in the papermaking process. Their hemp papers offer a clean range of quality smokes. Zen have a range of hemp papers that includes regular sized packs of 50

Hemp is a close relative of the herb you enjoy when you smoke. However it has a much lower amount of THC present in its flowers, this is mainly due to the particular strain of hemp as well as government regulations that require hemp growers to limit the amount of THC and CBD present in the strains they cultivate.

Paper made from hemp fibers have been around for thousands of years. Evidence of hemp being processed into fibrous papers has been found in Chinese tombs dating back as far as 147 bc during the Western Han Dynasty. Hemp was firmly established as an essential material for paper continually until the dawn of the 20th century when demand suddenly declined due to legal regulation and industrial demand. Hemp has slowly regained its popularity and today it is one of the most popular materials in rolling paper manufacturing. Hemp papers burn slowly and very evenly. Hemp is a fantastic material to use in industrial paper production as it is one of the fastest growing crops in the world. On top of its fast growth it also has a massive range of applications from food and clothing to paper and plastics!

Zen want to ensure that your rolling experience is as smooth and easy as possible. That’s why they have created a system of paper tube blanks that work with an innovative rolling machine to pack ready-to-light cigarettes in one smooth motion! For those who like to do their own rolling they also supply a sleek black rolling tray that will help you keep your rolling ritual tidy!

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