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Vapetool - Titanium Dab Nails |

VapeTool have built their reputation on some of  the finest dabbing tools and nails on the market. Their nails are made of high quality titanium which is quick to heat and quick to cool, making it one of the safest and most efficient materials you can use during your dabbing session. Their nails are ideal for cleanly vaporizing your concentrate and giving you a smooth, thick vapor every session.

Their flagship product the VapeTool titanium nail is a piece of unrivaled quality, whether you are a newcomer or a long term vape enthusiast this nail would be a fantastic addition to your dabbing set up. Titanium is a fantastic material to construct nails out of; it is as strong as steel but much much less dense. It is used mainly because of its ability to resist extremes of temperature and resist sudden thermal shock without cracking like glass can sometime.

Dabbing uses a condensed form of herb extract that is created through a process of solvent extraction. The result of this process is one of three forms of extract: Shatter, the purist form of concentrate, it resembles brittle hard candy, hence the name; wax, a sticky semi-solid substance and the second most potent of the three forms; and oil or BHO (Butane Hash Oil) the least potent (but still packed with THC) form of dab material. Dabs are generally taken with a dabbing rig water pipe and a few other pieces of specialised equipment. The three most distinctive parts of the dabbing set up are the torch, the dabbing tool, and of course the nail.

The nail is possibly the most important part of the dabbing rig. It is the component onto which the concentrate is dropped and vaporized. It is often made of quartz or titanium and fits onto the joint of the dabbing bubbler or water pipe. The dabs are picked up by a specialised dabbing tool that is designed to interact with the runny or sticky material. Once the nail has been heated sufficiently by the butane torch the dabbing tool can load the concentrate onto the nail and the user can take a hit.

Dabbing is incredibly efficient, a tiny amount of concentrate can provide a heady high, this is because concentrate contains up to 95% more THC than the equivalent amount of cannabis flowers, a little can go a long, long way. Because of this potency the effects of the concentrate kicks in much faster than what you’d expect from smoking. It can be felt practically instantly, this is what makes it very effective for the treatment of certain medical issues. The dab user can expect to feel the pain relief, appetite stimulation, and anti-nausea effects nearly instantly! Because such a small amount can go so far you generally need to take fewer hits from a dab, this has the advantage of sparing your lungs from the harshness of the smoke and toxins released by smoking herb! Finally concentrates don’t have the same strong scent that dry herb does. Taking a dab hit won't release a pall of lingering smoke, so for those seeking subtlety it’s perfect!


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