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Trove - Innovative Grinder And Storage Combination |

Trove are an innovative company that has found that sometimes the best innovation can come from fusing two existing items together to make something not exactly new, but sorely needed. They have done this my creating the Trove Grinder storage box; an item that fuses a grinder with a handy storage box, so you can ensure that your herb is finely ground and kept 100% fresh.

Grinders are one of the most important herb accessories. A grinder is indispensable when it comes to to your enjoyment of your dry herb, whether you’re smoking a joint, enjoying a bong,a pipe, or a high-tech vape. Each method of consuming your dry herb can be augmented hugely by carefully and thoroughly grinding your herb. Blunts and joints can be rolled with a more even distribution if you grind your herb first. With finer herb water bongs can be packed more densely, as can pipes.

Vapes can produce a far denser and flavorful vapor if the dry herb that is put  into their chamber has been finely ground. This is because grinding your herb exposes more of its internal surface area for your vaporizer’s  heating elements to act upon!

The natural state of dry herb is a vague crumbly mass of individual nuggets. Untouched these nuggets can be vaporized or smoked, but you will have an inferior experience as much of the active ingredients locked within the nuggets will be lost to combustion, or in the case of vapes, will be unevenly vaporized; resulting in thin vapor. Trying to break your herb down with your hands will yield poor results, you will be unable to break it down fine enough, and since herb is constantly exuding resin you’ll end up with sticky fingers. Trying with a pair of scissors or a knife can potentially be seen as a better option, but for the best possible results you should use a grinder!

When you’re grinding your herb it helps to keep a close eye on the quality of your grind. The advantage of this diligence comes to light when you’re packing your vape. Vaporizers have two common heating systems. Conduction and convection. Conduction applies heat directly to the herb while convection instead gradually heats the herb by allowing hot air to flow across it, much in the way a fan oven works to get the most out of these techniques it’s a good idea to adjust your grind to suit them. When dealing with conduction it is best to finely grind your herb down; conduction relies on keeping as much of your herb in contact with the heating element as possible. When using convection a slightly less fine grind is ideal; you want to ensure that there is gaps in the chamber that the hot air can flow through easily and produce a thick, even vapor.

Of course once you’ve ground your herb you’re going to need to store it. Properly storing your herb can be essential; improperly stored herb can dry out or taint all of its surroundings with its smell. So finding a cool, dark, airtight container is very important if you appreciate the quality of your herb. Whether you smoke occasionally, or everyday, there is nothing worse than having to contend with dry, stale herb!

The best storage containers are made out of food grade plastic or non-reactive glass. You want to ensure that your herb isn’t tainted by any chemical reactions that occur between it and its storage container. For a clean, untainted and moist herb you have to ensure that you pick up a container that’s made for purpose. Don’t just stick your precious herb in an old pencil case!

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