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#ThisThingRips - Fantastic And Powerful Pen Vapes |

This Thing Rips put their mission statement into their name. Their design goal is to create small, affordable, and powerful vaporizer pens. Far from the usual corporate image of serious, stilted, and stuffy formality, This Thing Rips earnestly and enthusiastically espouse the advantages of their products. Despite their ostentatious voice they have a very understated design philosophy; all of their vaporizer pens look like, well, regular pens. This makes them super portable and easy to keep to yourself when you’re out and about.

This Thing Rips offer some amazing dab rig-like hits from tiny, discreet, pen like units. Their specially calibrated low temperature coil system are designed to give you a powerful hit while keeping the flavour of your hits intact. Their unique ceramic components and non-reactive glass chamber are what help you take such huge hits from their units. For this amazing level of vapor check out the R2 Series Vaporizer.

Vaporizer pens are perfect for those who hold portability above all else, their compact forms can slip easily into a pocket or bag for easy storage. They have relatively simple systems so they tend to have very good battery lives for their size. They often rely on smaller amounts of materials and are intended for quick hits rather than prolonged sessions.

Vaporizer pens are a development on the technology in an e-cigarette. They use a similar atomizer set up to heat the inserted material rapidly, allowing you to enjoy smooth, clean vapor. Generally vape pens use herb concentrates rather than dry herb. This is because concentrate can fit many times more THC than the equivalent amount of herb would hold. Herb concentrates are created in a process where herb is treated with a chemical solvent, usually butane, to push out and concentrate its active ingredients.

After this is done the butane is boiled off in a vacuum oven and the concentrate coalesces into one of three forms. Oil is the most common and weakest form, vaporizer pens often use oil as it is the easiest of all concentrates to use with an atomizer. Wax is the second most powerful form and has a consistency ranging from honey-like and viscous, to stodgy and waxy; some vape pens can use waxes. The final concentrate is the most powerful and the most solid; shatter. Shatter gets its name from its brittle, glass-like texture.

Concentrates are far more powerful than dry herb, this is what makes them particularly good for medical usage. With dry herb a user would have to subject their lungs to a lot of smoke to ingest the same amount of THC that they would get from a hit or two of concentrate. This means that medical users can quickly enjoy the anti-nausea, pain killing, and appetite stimulating effects. Of course on the other hand users should be wary of the strength of concentrates as they can knock even a seasoned user on their ass.

This Thing Rips offer a fantastic range of high quality and affordable vaporizer pens. For a broader range of vaporizers and vaporizer pens for both concentrate and dry herbs check out our web stores.