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Snoop Dogg

From the unique, sky-high mind of Snoop Dogg comes a new, quality manufacturer of bongs and other water pipes and accessories, Pounds Glass, who’re are currently In full swing putting out their new Snoop Dogg collection. These water pipes have already hit the UK market so get yours today. These Snoop Dogg products by Pounds are a series of ship inspired bongs and rigs that were designed by the man himself and are made with good quality glass with a couple of different percolators each and the entire range works off of different price points. With these, even the most hard-off smoker is still within a chance of affording one.

You won’t need to break the bank anytime soon so if your significant other doesn’t want you spending too much money, tell them not to worry, because with one of the cheaper bongs in the set, you won’t be sent to the Dogg pound anytime soon…

Alright, that’s enough of that.... Check out the range! 

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