Snoop Dogg

From the unique, sky-high mind of Snoop Dogg comes a new, quality manufacturer of bongs and other water pipes and accessories, Pounds Glass, who’re are currently In full swing putting. . . Read More

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Starship Bong by Snoop Dogg POUNDS | 6 inch

Snoop Dogg POUNDS UK | Starship BongPart of the brand new POUNDS collection from Snoop Dogg, the Starship is ready to blast the competition away! A beaker shaped 6" water...

Spaceship Puck Rig by Snoop Dogg | 6 inch

From £84.99
Snoop Dogg POUNDS UK | Spaceship Puck RigPOUNDS has brought out a new piece of glassware to help you get that extraterrestrial high! The Spaceship is a smaller brother to...

Rocketship Bong by Snoop Dogg | 11.5 inch

From £79.99
Snoop Dogg POUNDS UK | Rocketship BongBlast off sky high with the new water pipe from Snoop Dogg; the Rocketship. With its sleek and simple design, this is one piece...

Mothership Waterpipe by Snoop Dogg | 13.5 inch

Snoop Dogg POUNDS | Mothership WaterpipeThis towering bong offers you a smooth and cool hit thanks to its great percolators. This is one of the finest bongs in Snoop Dogg's...

Battleship Bong by Snoop Dogg | 12.5 inch

Snoop Dogg POUNDS UK | Battleship BongGet ready to sink into a whole new world with the Battleship bong! Designed by Snoop Dogg for his new POUNDS line of glassware,...