Pre Rolled Cone Khalifa Supernatural Single

Pre Rolled Cone Khalifa Supernatural Single

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Supernatural Khalifa Cone.  King size, unrefined, pre-rolled cones from the Raw Wiz Khalifa range. 

  • Natural Unrefined Paper
  • Includes Perfecto Cone Tips
  • Wiz Khalifa Branding 

Unbleached, Unrefined

The Wiz Khalifa cones are made from the same natural paper as Raw’s other rolling papers. The paper is unbleached, unrefined and free from chlorine which is why it retains the same natural, light-brown colouration as the main Raw range. Each cone has the Raw criss-cross watermark which facilitates a slower burn and inhibits runs.

Wiz Khalifa Range

These are the only pre-rolled cones officially approved by rapper-turned-actor, Wiz Khalifa. Raw and Wiz Khalifa have collaborated to produce a full sub-range of products, all of which carry the iconic Wiz branding which signifies the rapper’s approval. These easy load cones are a classic choice for the smoker who likes to build fast.

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