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Randy's - Wired Rolling Papers For An Easy Roll |

Randy’s Wired Papers trace their origins back to the humblest and most endearing of origines; a group of friends hanging out and enjoying some herb after a busy day. In 1975, in the city of San Francisco, on a normal Tuesday night. The friend group were seasoned herb aficionados with a taste for rolling, however they repeatedly encountered the same problem over and over; they kept burning their fingers in their attempts to get to the end of their joints. They attempted to use clips and other techniques to get around this problem but it was to no avail. In the end they discovered a totally unique solution; putting wire into the paper as a buffer against the heat of combustion!

Since those halcyon days Randy’s has grown exponentially, but they have always remained true to their humble roots. They pride themselves on their innovative, high quality products.

We have a selection of wired rolling papers including Randy’s Silver Rolling papers, Randy’s Gold Rolling skins, Randy’s Natural Hemp Papers, and the King Size Rolling papers. The wire running through these papers make them a dream to roll and allow you to enjoy all of your herb, right up to the last draw!

If you have papers you’re no doubt interested in making a joint. Joints are one of the most widely known ways to enjoy herb and it one of the best ways to enjoy the flavor and effects of your dry herb. Rolling a good joint is practically a rite of passage for adherents of the herb scene. To roll a proper joint you’ll need a few things; your herb, obviously; Randy’s rolling papers, a grinder, and a small pen or something to pack the joint after rolling.

Use your grinder to break down your herb, the dryer it is the easier this will be. A grinder is very thorough and stops your hands for getting dirty with resin. The next step you need is to find a crutch. A crutch is essentially just something that can hold your joint in a trough like shape was you fill it. You can make a crutch out of practically anything, but the easiest method is probably to use your skin box! After this you should roll a roach or get a filter to give your joint something else to form around. This gives your joint some more stability.

Next you’re going to fill your joint with herb. There are several ways to do this depending on your tastes. If you prefer blunts, then all you need to do is finely grind your herb and pour it into your skin. If you prefer a joint you can mix your herb with some rolling tobacco for a smoother burn. Once you’ve loaded it up you can roll it by carefully holding the paper between your fingertips and gently rolling it back and forth to make a tube like shape. Eventually it will be packed into its final shape allowing you to completely roll the paper around, enclosing your herb blend and sealing the joint. Finally you can pack the end of your joint with a pin or pen to help ensure that your joint lights and burns evenly..

A well rolled joint is a beauty to behold and a joy to smoke. For a broader range of skins, roaches, tips, crutches, kits and rolling machines check out our UK web store for premium products at great prices.

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