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Pow Pow Glass Pipe Cleaner |

Over time through the trials and tribulations of use your bong can build up a stubborn layer of grime and grit. After a few uses. If you don’t address this then you could end up with a nasty taste with every hit, and if you’re really unlucky you’ll end up some filthy bong water in your mouth. To combat this buildup you need some specialised kit, that’s where Pow Pow Glass Pipe Cleaner comes in.

Pow Pow Bong Cleaner is a straightforward and easy to use bong cleaner that will give you stunning, beautiful results every time. It is formulated with bongs in mind, and cuts through grime with ease. A single sachet of Pow Pow will guarantee you a beautifully clean bong every time, no matter how dirty you let it get, you filthy animal, ya.

Herb naturally produces resin over time. The act of combustion can accelerate this process and result in nasty build up on your bowl. On top of this when heated you can find that the tars from your herb can adhere to the inside of your pipe. This build up is far from benign, ti is all of the carcinogens and toxins that didn’t make it into your lungs, so you’ll want to be sure to get rid of it!

After about three uses the resin build-up and particles in the water will begin to interfere with the taste and may block some airways, so this is about the time you’ll want to clean it.

Rinse The Bong

The first thing you’re going to want to do is disassemble your bong so that all of the components can be individually cleaned. Once you do this you’ll want to rinse the bong under some hot water to get rid of the looser build-up.

Grab Your Pow Pow

To effectively clean the bong you’ll need a few cleaning supplies as well as your Pow Pow cleaner. A brush and a sachet of Pow Pow are essential for breaking up any tough resin that sticks to the inside of the bong. Pipe cleaners are great for getting to the harder to reach places like the stem and around any percolators. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves when you’re working with Pow Pow because it can irritate your skin! You may want some rubber plugs to cover the various holes in the bong so the Pow Pow doesn’t spill out when you’re cleaning it!

Pour The Cleaning Solution In

Pour the Pow Pow into the bong along with some water, maybe add some rice to add an abrasive effect to this solution, it’s not essential though!.

Give It A Good Shake

Cover all the holes on the bong with the plugs, failing that use  your hands or use a bit of fabric to plug them up and give it a thorough shake.

Give It Another Shake!

Shake it like it’s a maraca you caught in bed with your spouse

Carefully Clean The Minor Components

Now take a handful of small pipe cleaners and use some rubbing alcohol to carefully probe and clean the stem, bowl, and any other small pieces!

Finally Rinse And Dry

Rinse your bong under some warm tap water and leave it to dry, you can give it a quick rub with a towel or some paper towels if you want, but be careful, you don’t want to crack or scratch your water pipe. Congrats your pipe is now ship shape, shiny and ready for another session

If you need any cleaning products be sure to check out our UK webstore for a huge range of brushes, solution, and anything else you may need to keep your bong clean!


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