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Piece Water - Totally Natural Water Alternative |

Piece Water is an innovative solution that solves the constant problem of dirty bong water that can build up over the course off several uses. Piece water is a blend of natural minerals, vegetable, and fruit extracts that work in concert to prevent resin from building up in your glassware. It’s totally non-toxic and natural. It will clean your bong and keep resin and grime from building up.

As a concept, Piece Water was envisioned as a solution to a very common problem; dirty, smelly bongs and the sheer effort of cleaning and maintaining it. The chemical products used to break up the grime and resin that builds up in bongs can be toxic and harmful unless used carefully. With this issue in mind Piece Water began exhaustively experimenting with natural bong water alternatives that could potentially keep their pieces clean. Eventually their efforts yielded fantastic results; all natural bong water alternatives that not only stops resin from building up and adhering to your bong, but also filters particulate matter out of your hits, making them smoother and cleaner.

Bongs aren’t just a handy apparatus to deliver smoke from you dry herb, they’re also masterful works of glassware. With this in mind they should be treated with care and consideration. After they finalised and perfected their 100% natural formula Piece Water conducted comprehensive field tests among their friends. Their reputation was spread by word of mouth and today they make their miracle solution available to the public.

Their mission is simple; to provide safe and effective products that make their customers lives and smoking experiences easier and cleaner. They 100% believe that their products can enrich and better the lives and recreation of the people of the UK herb scene.

Herb naturally excretes resin over time, when you light it in a bowl it speeds up this process and charts the resin to the glass. Also the smoke, tar and soot from the combustion can gradually build up and stain your bong. The bong water can also become saturated with the various byproducts of combustion and start tainting your hits with a nasty taste, or god forbid, splash up into your mouth.

To counter this build up it’s generally good to clean your bong every couple of uses. To clean your bong you need some cleaning solution, rubber stoppers, and a small soft brush.

First, empty the water out of your bong and rinse it thoroughly. Once you’ve done this fill it with cleaning solution, put the rubber stoppers into the openings on your bong ( rags will do if you don’t have any stoppers) and give it a shake. After this, unstopper your bong and empty the solution out, rinse it again and then inspect it for any stubborn patches of grime. If you find some simply use your soft brush and some cleaning solution to break it up, then give your bong one more rinse and you should be good to go!

Of course you could sidestep this entire debacle by using Piece Water.

Dozens of studies have been conducted to examine the filtering effects of bong water. The smoke and water was tested individually. The bong water was found to capture and hold a whole host soluble and insoluble chemical elements. When inspected it was shown that the water did trap a little THC but the majority of it remained in the smoke. Don’t worry about this affecting your high, the amount of THC caught in the water is very very small!

Though the THC gets through the active ingredients that cause catatonia and a suppression of spontaneous motor activity was found to be filtered out by the water. These chemicals are the ones that make you feel sluggish and sleepy, so the high you’ll get from a bong will be somewhat less soporific than from a joint. Another thing that is filtered out of your hit by the water is the particles of ash and resin that can be suspended in the smoke. Nearly half of the particles in the smoke is taken out, much more than in a pipe or joint. Also when analised the water is shown to be full of carcinogens filtered out of the smoke.

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