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Classic Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc
Classic Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc
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Classic Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc
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EDIT Collection
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In a Nutshell
  • Classic
  • Solid Heavy piece
  • Hand crafted & frosted finish
  • 4mm Thick Borosilicate

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  • Product Description

    Classic Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc UK

    This classic bong features a classic beaker base for stability, ice notches, a larger water reservoir for filtration and a UFO percolator for increased cooling!

    The Classic Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc is aclassically styled beaker bong from our own EDIT UK Collection is made from 4mm thick borosilicate glass and features our awesome new UFO percolator. The piece is equipped with ice notches, a 14.5mm female ground joint, removable diffuser downstem and matching male bowl slide.

    Classic Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc Features

    • 4mm Thick Borosilicate Glass
    • New UFO Perc
    • Removable Diffuser Downstem
    • Exclusive to the EDIT Collection

    Fantastic Levels of Filtration And Cooling

    The Classic Beaker Ice Bong With UFO Perc features a broad and stable beaker base, the advantages of a beaker shape for bongs is clear; it can hold more water to filter your hit. On top of this the bong also features a UFO perc and diffused downstem, these components help break your hit up into smaller bubbles. The smaller bubbles actually increase the surface area of your hit allowing the water to cool it further. If that wasn’t enough this piece also features ice notches that allow you to drop ice cubes into its neck where they will be held to cool your hit as it flows across them.

    Borosilicate Glass

    Borosilicate glass is much more heat resistant than ordinary glass, making it much less likely to break. The process of its manufacture involves the adding of the chemical element Boron which reduces the material stresses caused by temperature gradients. The best bongs and pipes available are made of borosilicate glass, so you know it has true quality.

    EDIT UK Collection

    The EDIT UK collection is EveryoneDoesIt’s exclusive in house collection of high quality bongs, vaporizers, pipes, and much more. We stock some of the finest products from all across the herb scene, so it’s no surprise that we’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. EDIT UK bongs are made to an incredibly high standard and are great starter bongs or additions to existing collections.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand EDIT Collection
    diffuser Slitted
    glass thickness 4.5mm
    height 301mm
    joint size 18.8mm
    material Glass
    percolator UFO
    width 111mm
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