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2 in 1 Telescope Rig Dual Fuel Dual Use with Inline Diffuser Slyme Color

2 in 1 Telescope Rig Dual Fuel Dual Use with Inline Diffuser Slyme Color

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The 2 in 1 Telescope Rig Dual Fuel Dual Use with Inline Diffuser Slyme Color is currently out of stock. Don't worry though, more are already on the way and will be available soon!

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  • Product Description

    Perfect for when you can’t make your mind up or fancy a double hit, this aptly named telescope dab rig lets you have either or both. Looks stunning with slyme and purple accents down the full length of this ever reducing bong. Comes complete with flower bowl and glass banger.


    • American Borosilicate Glass
    • Dual Fuel Bong
    • Perfect Party Piece
    • Includes Bowl And Glass Oil Banger

    Crafted In California

    This staggeringly beautiful piece is hand-made by the team of talented flameworkers at Mathematix Glass HQ in Los Angeles, California. Using only the best quality American borosilicate glass, the Mathematix team craft this telescopic tube from 5mm thick glass for strength and heat resistance.

    Dual Fuel

    Unusually, this piece has two ground joints to its stemless design, both of which feed directly into the large inline diffuser to begin the filtration process straight away. One side has a 14.5mm female joint with matching glass flower bowl, while the other side has a 14.5mm male joint with female glass oil banger. This is so that you can instantly switch between using this piece for herbs and waxy oils – or better yet, take a hit with both slides loaded up and really get the party started!

    Amazing Styling

    This telescope style tube has to be one of the best looking pieces we have ever laid eyes on. The clear glass piece stands 12.5 inches in height and is elaborately decorated with purple and slyme accents on all the key parts. The iconic Mathematix logo is sand-blasted onto the neck and the main can features lots of mathematical symbols etched on the glass. An absolute beauty of a tube that is sure to be the envy of all your smoking buddies.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Mathematix
    diffuser Slitted
    glass thichness 5mm
    joint Female, Male
    joint size 14.5mm
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Straight
    percolator Inline

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