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No Goo - Non Stick Containers For Your Concentrate |

NoGoo make a range of high quality cured, non stick silicone containers. Perhaps the best non-stick containers on the UK market. Their products are made of cured silicone and resistant to tearing and the rigors of day to day use. The NoGoo containers are intended to be handy, safe storage for your dabbing concentrates. Concentrates, especially wax and shatter, have an unfortunate habit of adhering to the container, making them impossible to dig out for you to smoke. The NoGoo containers make sure that you can easly get every last dab without having to resort to chipping away at it frantically.

When compared to the other traditional choices for dab containers; glass and plastic, silicone has a wealth of advantages. It’s shatter resistant, making it safe for transport, it is also highly heat resistant, so should it somehow end up coming into contact with a hot nail, it will escape the ordeal unscathed. It is safe to put silicone in the freezer, should you need to store some material long term. They are on hundred percent dishwasher friendly and totally reusable. Finally the NoGoo containers actually bounce, and thanks to the squeeze and twist top you can rest assured that should you accidentally drop one, the lid will stay on safe and sound.

Dabbing concentrates are created by treating dry herb with a solvent, generally butane. The butane purges all of the active ingredients from the herb and is then evaporated in a vacuum pump. After this there is generally three types of concentrate that you’ll be left with are oil, wax, and shatter. Oil is just that, a viscous oily substance, it can be tricky to store thanks to its runny texture. When storing oil be careful of leakage. Wax is the second purist of the concentrates, it ranges from thick and honey-like to crumbly and semi-viscous. It is much easier to store but can be by far the stickiest of the concentrates, so you may find it congealing to the side of whatever container you keep it in. The final and purist type of concentrate is called shatter. It has a brittle, glass-like texture, hence the name. Shatter has a somewhat sticky texture, similar to a sugar candy. It is the easiest of all the concentrates to store but in a non-silicone container it can still clump up and stick.

NoGoo storage containers come in a selection of sizes, from large to small they all come in a range of eye-catching colours and are guaranteed to keep your concentrate safe and sound. NoGoo also has a fantastic dabbing tool that makes picking up and enjoying your concentrate far far easier. Made from the same platinum treated silicone as the NoGoo containers, the Non-Stick Vape Scrape is ideal for manipulating your concentrate when you want to enjoy your dabs! Should you need a deep tray NoGoo have non-stick trays too!

You’re going to want to ensure that your dabbing material is as safe as possible, it’s sheer potency means if you lose a little you’ll lose a lot! Concentrate is many times more potent than dry herb, in fact a single drop can have the equivalent of several joints worth of THC in it! This is enough to give even seasoned herb aficionados pause. So be sure to pack and store it carefully and up high away from where little prying hands may get at them.

Storage is something amateur stoners forget, but if you care about the quality of your herb be sure to spend a little on how you’re going to store it. For a selection of storage solution and a whole host of other dry herb yaccessories be sure to check out our huge range of herb accessories on our UK web store.

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