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Joint Care - Take Care of Your Bong |

Taking care of your water bong is a lot like up keeping your hygiene. Joint wax is like chapstick for your lips. This wax provides a durable coating on your ground joints and helps to prevent the glass grinding or breaking from frozen joints. All you have to do is simply apply a large coat of wax onto the male joint and gently twist the joints back together whilst endeavoring to maintain an even, smooth spread on all sides.


Love your glass, clean it and maintain it for a long, sturdy and healthy relationship. To further ensure this you should know a bit more about how your glass joint works


If you’re new to the UK bong scene then you may find that you can be a bit lost when it comes to all the jargon. Surely a bong’s a bong? What’s all this about glass joint size? It can all be a bit baffling to be sure. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Often It can be hard to find information on bongs in the UK mainstream, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to fill this void and explain in the  simplest terms everything you need to know about glass joint size and bong thickness.


What Is A Joint?

It’s always the best call to start from the beginning, what is a glass joint? In the most basic terms it’s the part of your bong close to the water reservoir that holds the bowl you pack your herb into. It’s usually around about an inch long, and often sandblasted to be as smooth as possible. Joints come in two fitting varieties; male and female. Don’t worry nothing sexual here, this is just a term from engineering jargon for how it connects to bowls, all you need to know is if your joint is male, you’ll need a female bowl, and it’s the same the other way around!


What Do The Sizes Mean?

Whenever you’re looking at joints online you may notice that they’re all codified with certain size gages measured in mm. This is essential information for you to know when you’re caring for, or shopping for new components for your bong. Firstly, all the sizes are measured in metric, regardless of whether you’re in the UK or US, imperial users . Size is the second factor after gender that you need to consider when you’re buying accessories for your bong so pay attention to it. Glass joints are standardised in the UK, so as long as you know its size you should be ok  when you’re shopping for your accessories!


There are generally 3 main size categories.

10mm (Usually found on smaller bongs and pipes)

14.4mm (Common on many water pipes)

18.8mm (Also common on many water pipes)


So, let’s imagine a scenario where you are shopping for a replacement bowl for your bong. Your bong has a 14.4mm female joint. This means that you should be looking to buy a 14.4mm male glass joint! It’s that simple, just make sure you know the specs of your bong and you can’t go wrong!


Joints and bowls are just one kind of water bong accessory. There is a whole host of add ons you can incorporate into your bong to improve your herb enjoyment. From bowls to percolators to stands and so much more. There are myriad ways to tailor your smoking experience to your precise tastes. To see a full range of fantastic bongs and bong accessories you should check out our UK web store for fantastic products at great prices.



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