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Jane West

Jane West

Jane West was born out of the California dry herb boom. Invented by an entrepreneur as her nom de plume for the herb scene. She was born out of a 420 friendly edible start up. At the time she was working a full time job too, but after she appeared on a televised documentary her boss handed her down an ultimatum: Keep her day job or become Jane West full time.

Jane West quickly became one of the biggest names in the herb scene, so big, in fact, that bong and pipe legends Grav Labs approached her to create a striking line of exclusive Jane West bongs, bubblers, and pipes.

These Jane West pieces are held to the same quality as any other Grav Labs piece, so you can be sure of great glass quality, amazing vaping experiences, and stand out peices that can take pride and place in your glass collection. Each piece is a striking cobalt blue, you won’t mix your Jane West piece up with any other bong. These are truly stand out pieces that will make a fantastic centerpiece in your collection or even a great start in a beginners new collection!

Jane West Bongs aren't just a pretty face, they also have a whole host of features that will ensure that you can enjoy an incredibly potent and tasty hit. Among these features, there are diffused downstems that break up your hits into smaller bubbles, increasing its surface area allowing the water to cool it more for a smoother hit.

Grav Labs’ Jane West range contains a piece for every type of dry herb connoisseur. There is a Jane West portable bubbler for those who like something a bit more compact. A striking cobalt Jane West bong that offers huge, potent hits that will satisfy any herb fan. A steam roller pipe, a spoon pipe, and one hitter pipe so you can be sure that whatever your pipe preference; there’ll be a fantastic Jane West pipe for you!

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